CNHTC Group Holds Safety Management Training Course

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      In order to carry out the national safety production law, the regulations for the safety training of the production and operation units and the regulations on the responsibility of the production and operation units in Shandong Province, we should do a good job in safety production training and improve the level of safety production management. In July, CNHTC was 25 A training course for safety management personnel was organized on July 1. The training course lasted for three days. It was organized by the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection and undertaken by Jinan Anke Safety Science and Technology Center. The leaders of China heavy duty group, the Department related department, the chief executive of the main manufacturing units in the economy and the leading safety management and the full-time safety managers for training.
      At the opening ceremony, Director Li Lei of Jinan Anke Safety Science and Technology Center gave a brief introduction to the training lecturer and course content. Wang Shanpo, deputy general manager and chief engineer of China heavy automobile group, analyzed the specific situation facing the current safety production work, affirmed the bright spots in the early work, pointed out the problems and shortcomings, emphasized the importance of the safety training work, put forward the heavy point of the next work, and demanded to fight in the safety management post. In combination with this training, the staff and workers will further improve the awareness of safety management and the level of work, keep a sober mind, keep the safety red line in mind, conscientiously fulfill the job responsibilities, and make new and more important contributions to create and maintain a good safe and stable production and operation environment of the group company.
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