Chassis Specs





Tread Front/Rear(mm):1750/1602

Curb Weight(kg):4800,5000

Max. Weight(kg):7300

Max. Speed(km/h):100

Fuel tank(L):90

Standard number of seats: 25

Chassis Manufacturer: DFAC

Chassis Model: EQ6650K3AC

Engine Model: YC4D130-20

Maximum Power(kW): 88/96

Maximum Torque(Nm): 345/420

Tire: 7.50-16

Suspension: Multi-leaf spring (9front/11rear)

Parking Brake: Diaphragm spring brake

Brake System: Dual air brake

Clutch: Single plate dry clutch

Transmission: 5 speed manual

Axle: DFAC axles

With AC

Standard features


Roof-mounted air conditioning system;

Manual integrated side mirror;

Sliding window with a fixed top;

Safety guard roof hatch;

Driver roller sun visor;


420/840mm width seat;

Manual folding door;

Clutch servo;

Adjustable width=100% style=\\\\\\\'width:100%;\\\\\\\' steering wheel;

Low floor;

2*6-QA-105 batteries;


Optional features


Driveline parking brake;

Air horn;

AV system;

Clutch servo;


Air dryer;

Fuel heater;

Slack adjuster;

Pneumatic folding door;

Pneumatic outswing door;

Aluminum wheel cover;

Metallic paint;

Electric clock;

Center high mount stop light;

Heating system;

Coolant heater;

Forced ventilated roof hatch;

High floor;

Seat belt;


Co-driver seat tool box;


Aluminum/Iron diamond plate flooring;

Adjustable width=100% style=\\\\\\\'width:100%;\\\\\\\' passenger seat with armrest;

Additional heater blower;

7.50R16 tire;







































































































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